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Keeley Hawes and Identity

26 Jun

Keeley Hawes and Philip Glenister

It’s never a good idea to schedule the launch of a new drama on the day of the Queen’s Speech. So it was with ITV’s new series, Identity. No celebrity worth their equity card ever takes the Tube in London, and to be fair, the broadcasters lay on cars anyway. Central London is brought to a standstill while the Queen takes a coach to the Palace of Westminster, which meant that Keeley Hawes, star of Identity, and undoubtedly the turn of the day, would be late. She was indeed very late. So much so that the writer of the series, Ed Whitmore, became a stand-in attraction for half an hour. He was in fact terribly interesting, about how he formed the drama and how it has already been picked up in America. Whitmore also has a project with the BBC but was having much less to say about that as you will hear.

Aidan Gillen Courtesy of ITV

After Whitmore exited, Keeley Hawes made her entrance together with the other leads, Aidan Gillen and Holly Aird.
There was another issue with the timing of the launch. It was only four days after the end of Ashes to Ashes, in which Hawes got a farewell kiss from Philip Glenister. How long would it be before she was asked about the end of such a fine series? One insider admitted: “Why do you think we launched when we did?”
For those interested in how these events come together, ITV, for the first time conducted a simultaneous press conference over Ready To Air, the online preview service for journalists who write about TV. It worked rather well but could interrupt proceedings, too. One suspects more journalists will attend these press conferences “remotely” in the future. Monday 5th July ITV

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