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Doctor who and the Pandorica

19 Jun

Matt Smith

Every time I think the fuss around Doctor Who is waning, I’m proved very wrong. Like no other series, it has a wonderful ability to re-invent itself. The penultimate episode in the series tonight was a wonderful “best of” smorgasbord of monsters which will delight fans. Last week I went to a great q&a session at Bafta on Piccadilly in which series runner, Steven Moffat (the bloke who okays the scripts etc), Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and yes, Matt Smith explained what the series has been like for them. When I last saw this lot, the new Doctor and his assistant were like nervous teenagers  when the new show launched  in Wales, where the show is made. Now seeing them on the stage at Bafta, there’s a great deal more confidence from the leading players in this iconic drama. The thing about these q&as from my point of view is that it’s not like a round table with journalists. This is a night for fans, children, and industry types. The questions, as you will hear are more fanzine than magazine. At the end of the screening when Matt and Karen left the building they were mobbed by fans who chased them down the middle of Piccadilly, then started knocking on the windows of their car when it got caught in traffic. It’s the stuff of popstars. These guys are big, even if Stephen Fry thinks it’s a “children’s show”. Here’s the audio from the q&a, for which you will need to wind up the volume a little.

Series finale trailer from the BBC Series finale trailer