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Lennon Naked and Christopher Eccleston

15 Jun

You’ve got to give it to actor Christopher Eccleston, he really does know how to speak his mind. The former Doctor Who – seems centuries ago now – is playing John Lennon in a new single film, for BBC4, Lennon Naked. First off, he’s terribly good as Lennon. Eccleston does conviction performance, and does it particularly well here. But during this Q&A he’s asked, given another new film on Lennon, and new books, what is it that this new project has taught us about this great artist? “Probably nothing,” he says, truthfully. You’ve got to love him for this. Many other actors would have simply gone into PR speak, but not our Chris. Marvellous. Eccleston is not PRable. There’s a term.

BBC is going through its “biopics’ period”. This follows on from a Boy George film, too, but Lennon Naked is at the quality end of the spectrum. Enjoy. On the podium with Eccleston are writer Robert Jones and producer Edmun Coulthard.

David Stephenson\’s TV blog

trailer Lennon Naked trailer Courtesy of Christopher Eccleston’s blog

BBC4 , Wed 23 June