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Coleen Nolan

9 Jun

Coleen Nolan, singer, TV presenter, now novelist, is as breezy and likeable as her appearances on Loose Women. She dropped the innuendo, rather disappointingly when we meet at London’s South Bank. “I’m Ms Innuendo in seat 2,” she tells me, referring to the Loose Women panel. “But you never know what might happen after another two glasses of water!”
But she’s much more than that it seems. Over the past 10 years she has written a novel, with some help from the Macmillan editors, and it’s rather accurate portrait of the ruthless and unforgiving world of television. (No sympathy, mind.) Ok the book is fiction and it’s heightened, but there is some of it that rings true.
Nolan wrote the book while sitting in a hotel room in London each week. She spends a night in London during her stint on Loose Women on ITV1.
The singer claims to be the “quiet one” among her famous sisters but there’s little doubt the girl can talk, and with some fascinating insights into the world of television. It’s all here, drugs, Botox, sexism, ageism, cuthroat TV execs. There’s also some wonderful stuff on how she was sacked from This Morning, hired you may recall to replace Richard & Judy. Remember them?

Here’s the interview, in Canteen on the South Bank: coleennolan