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Bt Vision

2 Jul

It’s worthy of a spread bet: BT versus Sky. If you were a bookmaker it’s a mouth-watering encounter. Two British companies thumping it out for the sake of the British sports fan. Well, so they say. It’s laudable and we appreciate it. In one corner is Sky who have a stranglehold on the sports TV market with the majority of rights for anything decent i.e. Football, rugby and cricket. Then along comes new upstart player BT who think it’s wrong that Sky have such a monopoly. The regulators agree and force Sky to offer their content to BT Vision, their pay TV service. Half of all people surveyed said they would take up BT Vision if there were sports. Let’s wait and see. So the Sky Sports packages are now available and if you’re already a BT Broadband customer it’s a good deal and cheaper than Sky depending on just how much sport you would like to watch. The BT pitch is that as a Sky customer with a sports package there are many other channels you simply don’t want. Makes sense.
My initial view was that it was wrong for BT to be allowed this content since they hadn’t originally paid for the rights. But now I’ve come around to the punters’ view: get prices down. There’s too much money in rights anyway and it doesn’t help us win a World Cup, or a Champions League final (it may have helped with the Ashes). So good luck to BT; the long suffering British sports fan is with you all the way. The man with the vision behind BT Vision is Marc Watson. He has great belief in this service, which will also be incorporated in Project Canvas next year. That’s the new BBC-driven, Broadband TV service about which you will hear many things over the next six months. Here’s my chat with Watson, CEO of BT Vision, from whom you will hear much in the next six months too.
And yes I declare an interest. I already have Sky Sports.

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