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Richard Armitage, Strike Back, Sky

3 Jun

Richard Armitage

Well, you just don’t know with actors. Sometimes, you have can a terrific interview; sometimes completely teeth pulling. Younger actors can be the most difficult. Richard Armitage, however, is a thoughtful, intelligent, sensitive actor who has delivered another cracking performance, this time in Sky’s impressive new drama, Strike Back. He plays John Porter, a wronged Army operative who takes his revenge the Chris Ryan-way, the author of the original book.

Ironically, I interviewed Armitage in his dressing room on the set of his other hit drama, Spooks, in which he plays Lucas. Indeed, he was wearing his “costume” for his role and he was quite relaxed, despite just walking off “The Grid”. He would later take me around the set, which, like all sets, is much more uninspiring than you hope. Armitage, a gentleman, didn’t disappoint in the chat.
Postscript: I have now done a further interview with Richard for the next series of Spooks. I shall post audio closer to tramission in September 2010.

Richard Armitage interview

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