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Peter andre

8 Jun

There’s nothing like finding yourself in the middle of a reality tv show. Okay, it’s not like finding yourself in the middle of an earthquake, but it definitely makes a run-of-the-mill TV launch far more interesting. Singer and ex husband of Katie Price (Jordan), Peter Andre turned out for the start of his new series on ITV2, Peter Andre: The Next Chapter. It starts Thursday night. As it transpired, quite a lot had happened. He launched a tour (first date in an Essex holiday park) and did an album.
But far more fascinating is the media whirl that surrounds Andre. There were PRs and agents everywhere at the launch in London’s Soho Hotel. The first inkling that this was quite a different affair is when you arrived. You are asked to sign an agreement to be filmed on that day. Okay.
You take your seat in the screening room, then Andre sweeps into the room cameraman trailing him. “Hi everyone, enjoying your coffee, mate?” You’re asking me? “Ah, yeah,” I reply. After the screening, he walks past me again, commenting on my iTouch and microphone. I wonder if that’s part of a product placement deal!! Later, during the Q&A the camera is trained upon you when you ask a question. You realise in the middle of a TV programme, not a press conference. Perhaps we need to get more accustomed to this. The show itself… strangely engaging, and Andre himself is a very likeable chap and has a very forthright view on Sky News presenter Kay Burley, who features in the film and Q&A.  I was also interested why his children play such a central role in the films. You will hear the answer.

Here’s the Q&A: peter andre